There are many causes behind low sex drive, both psychological and physical. Depending on the actual reason behind the lack of libido, people can seek help and improve their life over time. No matter if low libido is chronic or not, there are solutions provided that people seek medical assistance. Of course, the first step has to do with addressing the issue and identifying the condition.

What Causes Low Sex Drive

As mentioned above, the reasons may vary significantly. For example, one common cause behind low sex drive is low testosterone. This hormone regulates libido, and its low levels lead to problems with sexual stimulation. Men of all backgrounds and age groups may suffer from low testosterone levels and need to have this hormone checked.

Another reason for low sex drive is alcohol or drug abuse. In case of substance abuse, there are physical problems emerging and one of them is linked to low libido. That’s why people who have drunk a lot of alcohol often find it difficult to perform well in bed. The same might happen in cases of specific medication. There are side effects listed on all medications, including low sex drive.

Depression may also lead to low sex drive. When a person does not feel well and instead suffers from extreme discomfort and a feeling of hopelessness, the effects are both psychological and physical. Libido is strongly linked to happiness, and when the hormones of happiness fluctuate, the results are apparent in sexual performance.

Extreme stress and anxiety are also responsible for low sex drive. It goes without even saying that stress affects all aspects of everyday life. As a result, increased stress levels lead to decreased libido and less intense desire for sex. As people in Israel and Palestine have witnessed, stressful situations are among the major causes of low sex drive.

How to Treat Low Sex Drive

Treatment of low sex drive in both men and women living in Israel and Palestine varies, depending on the underlying cause. Overall, there are several changes in people’s daily routine that can lead to improved results:

  • Healthy diet
  • Maintenance of ideal weight
  • Frequent exercise
  • Adequate sleep
  • Stress management
  • No alcohol, smoking or drug abuse
  • Discussion with sex partner
  • Psychological help in cases of depression
  • Testosterone replacement therapy (if needed)

As you can see, sometimes treatment covers many different parts. For example, a person might need to cut down on alcohol abuse and at the same time reduce stress and sleep more. Either way, the issue should be identified promptly. This is the best way for treatment to take place. Otherwise, the problem will be prolonged, and the solution will not be put into effect.

Things Can Change

Low sex drive is not a condition that needs to be there all the time. Instead, it is a warning that something is not right. The sooner you realize that, the better. You will be able to change your life accordingly and make the most of your sex drive. Even if you have not been enjoying yourself so far, you can still change that.

Of course, Israeli and Palestinian citizens can seek help from doctors or psychotherapists. They should also discuss with their sex partners, without dealing with sex as taboo. If you want to perform well in bed and if you want to enjoy the pleasure that sex offers, you need to open up. Check your health and see how you can better things. Over time, the results will compensate you!