Safe sex is a phrase that has been overemphasized in religious institutions, schools, and colleges, at theworkplace and most importantly in the health sector by the doctors. So what is safe sex? When you hear this phrase, you start thinking about HIV and Herpes because they are the most areas of concern when you think about having sex. But is health the only concern when it comes to sex? The answer is no.


Safe sex involves protecting yourself and your partner from anything unexpected and undesired that might happen. For instance, you should have safe sex and avoid hurting your partner’s genitals, to avoid conceiving when you are not ready to parent. That is safe sex as well. Therefore, you should not think of safe sex as meant to mean not contracting or spreading HIV. It also covers the consequences.

Safe Sex So as Not to Hurt Your Partner


Safe sex to avoid hurting your partner is where you don’t force your partner into sex whereas they are not ready. By now you know the difference between heating water and lighting a home using a switch. Am sure you are lost. This is what we refer to when describing sexual arousal differences between a man and a woman.


The water will refer to a woman, and a switch refers to a man always on standby. The water is placed on a stove, and the heating slowly brings it to boil. Safe sex will teach you that you should not start using the water before it has the right temperature. Therefore, both partners should be prepared for sex so that it is safe. Otherwise, there will be blisters because natural lubrication is not there and again the reception area is temporarily closed.


Safe Sex to Avoid Unwanted Conceiving


Family planning is practiced in many parts of the world, and it is meant to control the burden of parenting by teaching couples that a new child in your marriage means you have to dig deeper in your pocket to pay the bills. Therefore, you have to consider safe sex to make sure you will not conceive unplanned. There are several methods used to make sex safe when you don’t want to conceive. The natural family planning method is where ladies avoid sex during the “unsafe” days when they are at a higher potential of getting pregnant. It’s a little trickier, and you have to count the days well. Sometimes accidents might happen and your body hormone fluctuation leads to conceiving unexpectedly. So you are urged to use the modern means which includes theuse of pills and inserts into the birth canal to promote safer sex.

Safe Sex to Avoid Contracting Diseases


HIV is the most threatening condition that everyone having sex is afraid of. This is because it has in the past led to deaths of many people, and therefore everyone fears to get it. It is the major reason why campaigns of safe sex are run worldwide and therefore it is important to adhere to the recommended methods of preventing transmission of HIV. There are different methods that promote health and safe sex, and the most effective one is making sure you know the status of your partners before indulging in sex.


The second one is using condoms to prevent thespread of HIV if one of the partners is infected with the virus. This prevents infected fluids from going into the sex partner’s body and is only effective if there is no broken skin either in the genital areas and other areas that might come into contact with the lips while kissing. The condoms should be used in the right way and not shared to effectively control the spread of HIV.


So generally, we can say that safe sex is supposed to take into consideration those three aspects. That is not hurting your partner, not conceiving unexpectedly and most importantly not getting infected with deadly viruses such as HIV and Herpes. If you don’t know the status of your partner, don’t have sex with him or her. Stay safe.