Intimacy drives a relationship, and so it’s key in sustaining a marriage between couples. If you love someone intimately, you will definitely avoid confrontations, and this is not because the person is right, but mostly because there is that feeling of attachment that comes with intimacy. So why is intimacy key in resolving and avoiding conflicts in future?


Creates Relationship Bondage Which Helps Avoid Conflicts


When you are intimate with your partner, you feel bonded together, and so you don’t see the problems in your partner. Instead, every issue is handled with harmoniously, and so there is no room for blaming each other which is usually the beginning of conflicts in a relationship.  Couples will fight because they feel they are individuals in the relationship and so there is no harmony. When you are intimate, you consider the other partner before making a decision.

Sexual Intimacy Makes You Forget Faults of Your Partner


The invention of sexual pleasure should perhaps go into records as the best way of managing conflicts. The moment you hold each other and realize the warmth the other partner has you are in a better position to forget what happened during the day. Perhaps if the Palestinian leaders and Israel leaders were in a position to meet and have an intimate relationship that issue between them would be long resolved. This is because no matter what your partner had done, the moment you realize how important they are in bringing you that special pleasure, you just forget and let go. I wish Israel and Palestine leaders intermarry and realize this.


So if you have been having unrest in your relationship, it’s probably because you have not been so intimate with each other. So consider ways of becoming more intimate, and you will see those issues fade away bringing back the warmth in your relationship.